Pets can’t tell us when they hurt or why. Therefore, pain often goes undetected, and underlying medical conditions, untreated. A pet that “bunny hops” up a flight of stairs may seem cute, but may also be suffering pain due to osteoarthritis in the back or hips, hip dysplasia, or painful knees. When a cat holds an ear down or sideways, it could indicate a painful ear infection. Cats going to the litter box more frequently than usual could be suffering a painful urinary tract infection or a life-threatening condition called feline urological syndrome (BLOCKED CAT).

How can you tell when your pets hurt?

There are other signs of pain, which can fly under the radar as problems worsen.

When our pets hurt Woodlawn cares

Pain is generally diagnosed in two categories

Acute pain – due to a sudden traumatic event, for example hit by a car, dog bite or stepping on a nail. Acute pain is generally short-term pain resolved when the injury is treated.

Chronic pain – due to degenerative disease or underlying medical condition can be a long-term issue, some conditions which may never be resolved entirely, for example osteoarthritis, chronic liver disease, or chronic kidney disease.

Causes of pet painCaution: do not to attempt to treat pain with home remedies or medicines. Medications designed for humans can be dangerously toxic to pets. Even when relief is accomplished, it may mask serious underlying conditions requiring treatment. Instead, if you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian for relief.

Take caution when handling an injured or otherwise painful animal until they’ve had medical attention.

Whether caused by accident, injury, biomechanical degeneration, dental or medical condition, your veterinarian at Woodlawn Animal Hospital offers a wide range of treatment options, from oral medications to laser therapy. To determine which combination of therapy is right for your pet, make an appointment today. 773-249-7191

To learn more about laser therapy, watch video and read additional information here.