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Surgical Procedures

We proudly offer a superior level of surgical care for all of our patients. With state of the art facilities and equipment, our doctors perform most routine procedures. We maintain electrocautery and advanced monitoring equipment, so you can be confident of superior technology. Your pet will receive the best possible care while under anesthesia. We use Sevoflurane inhalant anesthesia to assure the safest maintenance anesthesia and a fast and smooth recovery.  A CVT is assigned exclusively to your pet while under anesthesia, throughout their surgical or dental procedure and during their recovery.

During surgery, the Cardell Touch Multiparameter monitor is used to assure your pet’s metabolic functions are stable.

Surgical Procedures

We perform a variety of surgeries from spays and neuters to fracture repair and cruciate ligament repair.  Here’s a menu of our procedures.

Spays and neuters

  • K9 and Feline spays and neuter and associated surgeries
  • Pyrometra
  • Cryptochidism
  • Mammectomy
  • Umbilical hernia repair
  • Soft tissue surgeries

Here are the forms you must complete ahead of your pet’s procedure. Download them here, and save time when you arrive.

Surgery & Hospitalization Agreement

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