Woodlawn Animal Hospital, Vet Tech and Groomer, Artesia WilsonOur Grooming Salon Is Full Service

Artesia is not only Woodlawn’s Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT), but also our grooming specialist. With 9 years of experience as a professional groomer, Artesia was a perfect fit for our WAH family. Her training as a licensed CVT makes her an invaluable member of our medical team.  Her trained eye further allows her to examine and recognize underlying medical issues, whether assisting the doctor or grooming a patient.  And, as we all know,  both prevention and early detection are cornerstones to maintaining good pet health.  This can potentially save time, money and and your pet’s life! (Learn more here.)  Artesia is not only your pet’s groomer, but a great veterinary health educator and advocate.

Grooming Price per Service Is Based On Individual Pets

We offer a wide range of services! She’s usually available 5 days a week for your grooming needs. Prices vary by pet breed, size and condition, so call to get a quote and schedule an appointment.

Woodlawn’s Grooming Salon is your one-stop shop for veterinary and grooming needs. Grooming is as much a way of life for our pets as it is for us. We glam up at WAH!



Grooming Glam Corner



Grooming Salon before and after photos

Loki’s Before and After Close-ups