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Why Annual Wellness Exams Are Essential

We educate clients everyday on pet vaccinations. Counseling many on which carry the highest priority medically, and which you can postpone for a brief period. At minimum, it’s important to know which vaccines are required by Illinois state law.  Some pet owners neglect annual physical exams for their pets. Many dogs and cats we see due to serious symptoms have rarely, if ever, seen a veterinarian for well care. Health problems we could have caught

K-Laser Therapy

What to Expect in therapy  K-Laser Therapy at Woodlawn K-laser can be beneficial as a non-invasive pain management solution for chronic pain due to arthritis, sprains, strains and other joint mobility problems instead of oral medications. It can also significantly reduce healing time by strengthening injured tissue and supporting normal tissue for less scar formation during healing. For faster recovery, we include K-Laser therapy in treatment of bone and muscle injuries. We also recommend it

House Calls & Ambulatory Transport

We are pleased to offer convenient house calls for those clients who are unable to come to our facility. We will come to your home to service your pet’s health care needs. Many services can be performed right in the comfort of the pet’s own home! We can also transport to and from our facility if your pet’s condition is outside the scope of a house call visit. Learn more about how to identify when

Advanced Diagnostics

First you have to know what’s wrong. Advanced diagnostics gets us there. We are fully equipped with ABAXIS lab equipment for blood tests and have x-ray capabilities. Our ABAXIS diagnostic equipment allows us to run CBC’s, chemistry panels, electrolytes, thyroid screening test, clotting panels and others, while you wait! We also perform heartworm tests and test for Parvovirus. In addition to these automated tests, we perform many manual tests such as fecal flotations and fecal

Surgical Procedures

We proudly offer a superior level of surgical care for all of our patients. With state of the art facilities and equipment, our doctors perform most routine procedures. We maintain electrocautery and advanced monitoring equipment, so you can be confident of superior technology. Your pet will receive the best possible care while under anesthesia. We use Sevoflurane inhalant anesthesia to assure the safest maintenance anesthesia and a fast and smooth recovery.  A CVT is assigned

Puppy Socialization

  Proper, early onset “Puppy Socialization” is probably only second to Vet visits for a puppy’s overall health and wellness. This is an invaluable experience for your puppy and can have lifelong implications. At Woodlawn Animal Hospital, your puppy will be introduced to “Puppy Socialization” right away by our staff. You will be given “take away” tools and information that can be used between visits to help assure you’re raising a confident, friendly, well adjusted

Dental Care

It’s easy to overlook your pet’s oral health. However, visits to Woodlawn Hospital for pet dental care follow the same logic as dental visits for people. Our pets eat and chew food every day, the same way we do. And like people, a pet’s overall health can be negatively impacted by untreated dental disease, even though you may be brushing every day. Annual veterinary visits can help ensure your pet’s overall good physical condition, including