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Woodlawn COVID-19 Update

Dear Woodlawn Family,

In response to the ever-changing recommendations of Gov. Pritzker and the local Health Department concerning the COVID-19 (Corona) virus, Woodlawn Animal Hospital WILL remain open for business to serve you, our patients and clients. However, we have implemented some necessary safety changes that are effective IMMEDIATELY.

In order to best protect our staff, patients, and clients, we’ve created some policies and tips for you, our loyal clients.

1. WAIT IN YOUR CAR – ALL clients and patients must now wait in their vehicles for the duration of their visit. When you arrive, please call us at 773/249-7191 and let us know you’ve arrived. We will then confirm the service(s) your pet is to receive as well as any highlighted concerns you want the doctors to investigate.

We would ask you to keep your cellphone handy. We would then call you with recommendations and approval of treatment

Note: If your pet is somewhat aggressive, you “may” be allowed into the exam room or allowed into Woodlawn to assist in putting a muzzle on your pet

2. WHEN IN DOUBT, CALL! 773/249-7191 – If you have a scheduled appointment and are unsure if we are still having normal operating hours, feel free to call us and confirm. But please know that if ANYTHING changes on our end, we will call you.

Woodlawn Animal Hospital Valet Vets are critical during COVID-193. ONE CLIENT PER PET – We understand families want to be supportive of their pets, but please understand that Woodlawn will limit the number of adults to 1 per pet. If you are bringing more than one pet, only one pet at a time will be allowed to come in the Hospital.

4. IF YOU’RE ILL – If you are exhibiting any signs of illness, please have an alternate person on standby to bring your pet to the vet or we will happily reschedule your appointment and waive the “fee” when the appointment is rescheduled and kept. For clients with chronic respiratory issues for example COPD or asthma, we don’t want you to have to enter Woodlawn at all. Rather we will happily come out to your car and get your “fur baby” for their service and bring them back to you.

5. VISITATION – Only the pet that has a scheduled appointment should be brought to Woodlawn. No visiting pets or pets “along for the ride” will be allowed into the Hospital.

6. WASH YOUR HANDS – We know you’ve heard this one before, but it’s worth repeating! And we have plenty of hand sanitizer and are happy to share “a pump or two” with you!!

We are hopeful that ALL of these necessary, if not slightly inconvenient changes will allow us to not only keep our doors open, but to keep you and your families safe along with the Woodlawn staff and their families. Our ultimate desire is to continue to be here to serve you. We will keep you updated if there are any further developments.

Be well!

Dr. Allyson J. Harris, owner
Woodlawn Animal Hospital, Ltd.

Woodlawn Animal Hospital, Ltd. welcomes you to our full service, state licensed veterinary hospital providing medical care for dogs and cats. Founding Veterinarian, Dr. Allyson Harris is a champion for pet healthcare. Since opening in 1995, her approachable, no-nonsense style has won clients’ trust. With a commitment to client education, Dr. Harris and the Woodlawn staff are known for taking extra time to make sure you understand your pet’s care.

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